The Inter-Faith Centre embraces
Suffolk Inter-Faith Resource (SIFRE) and The East of England Faiths Agency (EEFA).

Suffolk Inter-Faith Resource is a voluntary charitable company which runs faith based seminars, meetings for people from the faiths and arranges informal gatherings.


We are appalled at the violence against British citizens and others in Tunisia on Friday and by the horrors in Kuwait and France as indeed we are by the ongoing cycle of violence in the Middle East and elsewhere. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy go out to all whose lives have been traumatised by such hatred and we find it particularly abhorrent that the perpetrators and their supporters justify such barbaric acts in the name of religion. These murders bear no relation whatsoever to the faith and lives of our many Muslim friends throughout Suffolk and East Anglia. Accordingly we call upon everyone to reach out across the differences of faith and culture and stand together in affirming our common bonds of friendship, humanity and mutual respect.
Issued by the Boards of SIFRE and EEFA 29/6/2015

The East of England Faiths Agency is a Community Interest Company which arranges
faith based teaching
and training sessions for schools, statutory bodies, the private sector and the voluntary sector.

Suffolk Inter-Faith Resource
Registered Charity No. 1042612
and Limited Company No. 2992865.
Registered in England and Wales

The East of England Faiths agency
Community Interest Company
Registration Number: 6046834
Registered in England and Wales